New Watercolour forum for landscape artists.

Hi Everyone!
This Blog is just a quick catch up to tell you about the New Forum for landscape watercolour artists, but most importantly to give you details of our new landscape/watercolour forum that is live this week. Managed by my friend and fellow painter, Oliver Pyle, and me Edo Hannema, it will be a place where we can discuss all things landscape and watercolour, away from the commercial bombardment and rough edges of the social media platforms. It’s for all that love to paint in watercolour from beginner or advanced. Although we will moderate the content and discussions (with a light touch,) it is just as much your place as ours, and we hope that it becomes a pleasant and enjoyable community where we can share our hobby, passion and profession. We look forward to you joining us. See more info at Oliver Pyle’s channel

Visit the forum and join if you like.