Ransdorp North Holland

qrt sheet Saunders Waterford 140 lb CP

Ransdorp North Holland


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North Holland in Mist

I love to paint Fog

qrt sheet Millford 140 lb cp

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Sunny winter farm

Sometimes you have a image in your mind, and it wants to come out.
For me it was a farm in warm light with frozen water that turned grey.
a few reeds in front of the snowy fields. And a light Blue distance.
I used pure Cobalt for that
So I made a sketch from the farm in pencil, so I did have a nice layout for the buildings. overlapping always adds an extra dimension. 

Winter farm II

Best Wishes Edo 

Christmas Time

This time of the year we all think of family and friends.
What we did do and what we didn’t do and plan to do next year.
Or even make new plans and set out a goal.
All things I think of.

But for now this is probably my last post of 2018
And you all know I am not very busy with my posts on my website.

But I plan to make a new demo from flowers in the new year.
And go some deeper into colour and the use of the different pigments.

Limburg in sneeuw

I wish you all wonderful Holidays and a Blessed Christmas time.
And above all a creative and Healthy 2019

Best Wishes Edo

Sketching with ink and watercolour

A quick sketch for making a watercolour.

It is always good to make these kind of sketches just to find out if the future watercolour will work out the way you see it in your mind. I made a short movie from the process. I hope you like it.

regards Edo

Farm in Assendelft

The landscape I make a photo from many years ago.
You have to go in wintertime to see this because its now all green, no farm in sight from this point of view.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-14 om 11.12.13

The Sketch with Indian Ink and grey watercolour
with my Kremer pigment set.
This one is on Cartridge paper that can take some water too.

20181006_144949 (1)

The watercolour
I decided to make the land flatter so the fence did overlap the houses so I got more unity.


Painting a Dutch Landscape

This is a Frisian landscape.
I painted this before, and it thought it would be nice to make a movie from it.

Hope you all like it, have fun watching.
If you like it please give me the Thumbs up,
its a new thing for Google for ranking video’s on you tube.
The movie is on You Tube in HD video
Thanks in advance!


by Edo Hannema

Some news from me

Hello my friends and subscribers,

I am very honored you all subscribed to my website, I am just a hobby painter with a big heart for watercolour and everything got to do with watercolours.
I am very busy at the moment to make videos on you tube. Its not a easy task to make a video that is from reasonable quality. But I did get help from my friend Arie Jekel, he is a fellow painter and know a lot from making videos in high standard and also a excellent photographer! check out his work on his website www.ariejekelart.nl

If you like his work check out his workshop soon in The Netherlands!

Arie on the right, the smiling buying dude is me!

Further I have painted a lot of landscapes, I am searching for a new method of painting, One layered paintings. It must be flawless without mistakes. So I begin with easy pictures and gradually build up the difficulties. so far so good.

Here a watercolour I made from a photo from Hennie Kroezen, so nice to have friends with great sources you may barrow! She did visit the Isle of Schiermonnikoog and it was for me very inspiring to make!

The source from my watercolour below

Also a few new videos on my You Tube Channel, if you are not subscribed to my channel please do, because I am not always post about it here.
The address is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuulNUJt3BrrMKbbj2zijOA

The newest video I did in Dutch, I thought when I narrate the video in English it is still okay. well maybe it is nice to watch, but all the background sound of brushes waterpots, the crackling of the paper is gone. So next time I just make one in English, or do two paintings in both languages.
This is the English narrated one.

And the Dutch

My painting from the Biesbosch is also a new painting.
A little bit more difficult, but still in my one layer style

Well thats all

Best regards and Happy Painting
Edo Hannema

all paintings are made on St Cuthberts Mill paper Saunders Waterford 140 Lb not

Low Tide watercolour

Low Tide

You wake up with a idea.
Low tide and dark poles in the water.
Keep it simple and enjoy.

The idea as sketch

The First Wash

Painting the poles

The finished watercolour.

When you inspired by this little watercolour and make one yourself.
Please give me or my website some credit!
Thank you

Painted on:
square Saunders Waterford CP (not) paper 140 Lb 28X28 cm