Lighthouse Demo

Hello my friends,
Awhile ago I came across a photo and it made me think if I could paint it. 
It was from a lighthouse with an aerial perspective. Maybe made with a drone or something else. I liked it immediately but hesitated.
I can tell you never do that, just go for it. So I did and the result was even for my own feeling satisfying. 
Nothing to brag about, but it make me think and I like to share this knowledge. So I made a demo and it is since today 27th June available on my website.

I am very happy with the result All brushstrokes are in the demo and also the materials that I use. watch the Trailer below and maybe you want to try it out also.

Have a good and peaceful Sunday and stay safe.
I wasn’t so lucky, but after 10 weeks I was recovered from the virus.
Still a bit lack of stamina and condition problems but I am certain it will come all good at the end.

Best Wishes and regards Edo

Lighthouse in Ink and Watercolour

New Demo on my youtube channel. follow the link.


A short movie how I make a pen and wash. I sketch like John Hoar and Edward Wesson with a sharpened matchstick. See it as a challenge it is not a perfect line but it is perfect to create art. Hope you enjoy. I know I did.
The Yellow I searched for is from Schmincke: Quinacridone gold hue no 217
It is also for sale 150€ exclusive shipping.

The Biesbosch

The Biesbosch VI
qrt sheet Millford 140 lb cp

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Watermill in the Netherlands

Qrt sheet Bockingford 200 Lbs



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Ransdorp North Holland

qrt sheet Saunders Waterford 140 lb CP

Ransdorp North Holland


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North Holland in Mist

I love to paint Fog

qrt sheet Millford 140 lb cp

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Sunny winter farm

Sometimes you have a image in your mind, and it wants to come out.
For me it was a farm in warm light with frozen water that turned grey.
a few reeds in front of the snowy fields. And a light Blue distance.
I used pure Cobalt for that
So I made a sketch from the farm in pencil, so I did have a nice layout for the buildings. overlapping always adds an extra dimension. 

Winter farm II

Best Wishes Edo 

Christmas Time

This time of the year we all think of family and friends.
What we did do and what we didn’t do and plan to do next year.
Or even make new plans and set out a goal.
All things I think of.

But for now this is probably my last post of 2018
And you all know I am not very busy with my posts on my website.

But I plan to make a new demo from flowers in the new year.
And go some deeper into colour and the use of the different pigments.

Limburg in sneeuw

I wish you all wonderful Holidays and a Blessed Christmas time.
And above all a creative and Healthy 2019

Best Wishes Edo

Sketching with ink and watercolour

A quick sketch for making a watercolour.

It is always good to make these kind of sketches just to find out if the future watercolour will work out the way you see it in your mind. I made a short movie from the process. I hope you like it.


regards Edo